This little pin loves wreaths!

I am slowly but surely getting my Halloween décor done. Maybe I will be done before Halloween, maybe not. But I am having fun and some difficulty with some of these little pins.

Today I finished a paper wreath that I found on my pin “55+ Amazing Halloween crafts” that was chock full of MARVELOUS Halloween crafts.

I grab the supplies; an old book, glue, double sided tape, card board, and scrap book paper all of which are hidden in my stash of craft supplies. Can I get a what? what? for a FREE little decorating gem for Halloween? I think this makes up for my not so inexpensive frame I finished yesterday, which one could say my logic was off on. But shhhh don’t say it out loud!

And here it is in all it’s glory!

DSC_0117  DSC_0122

I have to say that this is by far my favorite thing I have crafted in a long time. It did take a little longer then expected. Rolling all (70ish) cones takes awhile, but watching your favorite show, can you say “BONES”, makes it go by in a flash. Can I add; “Bones” is the perfect show to watch while Halloween crafting, or anytime for that matter!

So you roll and roll and tape and tape then glue and tape and finally you have a beautiful wreath. I do like that I happened to have an older book with yellowing pages, I think you definitely need to find one if you plan on tackling this one. Also, I changed it up in a couple small ways.

1st – I made my cardboard backing 15″ instead of 14″.

2nd – my favorite change. The “Trick or Treat” tag in the middle is put on with Velcro. I LOVED this wreath so much that I wanted to be able to use it for any Holiday or just any time. I can now switch out the middle tag and put a Fall saying, a Christmas scene, a bunny, a flower, a verse, I mean the possiblilites are endless. OH YEAH, I am happy with this one.

Not only am I in LOVE with this wreath, but look at my audience I had while I rolled all those cones.


Yes, my two favorite dogs in the world, my sweet and loyal boxers; Chip and Bella. Can I get an AWWW!

Rating: 5 put of 5 pins


This little pin says; “Go get your wreath on!” This is so easy anyone can craft it and have a little bit of awesomeness on their wall!