This little pin loves wreaths!

I am slowly but surely getting my Halloween décor done. Maybe I will be done before Halloween, maybe not. But I am having fun and some difficulty with some of these little pins.

Today I finished a paper wreath that I found on my pin “55+ Amazing Halloween crafts” that was chock full of MARVELOUS Halloween crafts.

I grab the supplies; an old book, glue, double sided tape, card board, and scrap book paper all of which are hidden in my stash of craft supplies. Can I get a what? what? for a FREE little decorating gem for Halloween? I think this makes up for my not so inexpensive frame I finished yesterday, which one could say my logic was off on. But shhhh don’t say it out loud!

And here it is in all it’s glory!

DSC_0117  DSC_0122

I have to say that this is by far my favorite thing I have crafted in a long time. It did take a little longer then expected. Rolling all (70ish) cones takes awhile, but watching your favorite show, can you say “BONES”, makes it go by in a flash. Can I add; “Bones” is the perfect show to watch while Halloween crafting, or anytime for that matter!

So you roll and roll and tape and tape then glue and tape and finally you have a beautiful wreath. I do like that I happened to have an older book with yellowing pages, I think you definitely need to find one if you plan on tackling this one. Also, I changed it up in a couple small ways.

1st – I made my cardboard backing 15″ instead of 14″.

2nd – my favorite change. The “Trick or Treat” tag in the middle is put on with Velcro. I LOVED this wreath so much that I wanted to be able to use it for any Holiday or just any time. I can now switch out the middle tag and put a Fall saying, a Christmas scene, a bunny, a flower, a verse, I mean the possiblilites are endless. OH YEAH, I am happy with this one.

Not only am I in LOVE with this wreath, but look at my audience I had while I rolled all those cones.


Yes, my two favorite dogs in the world, my sweet and loyal boxers; Chip and Bella. Can I get an AWWW!

Rating: 5 put of 5 pins


This little pin says; “Go get your wreath on!” This is so easy anyone can craft it and have a little bit of awesomeness on their wall!


Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming!

I love Halloween. I mean really love it. I love the decorations, the costumes, the parties, the trick or treating and mainly it just kicks off the holiday season! Oh, did I mention people just give out free candy! YUM!!!! Since I have a son, I decided I was going to decorate this year. Yeah he is only 10 months and won’t remember, but I needed an excuse!

So Pinterest here I come! My board “He did the monster mash” has so many fun projects for me to do. I’ve been working on them here and there and haven’t finished any until today! I am so excited to share this with everyone. I have this little pin that I love  with a glass jar of candy corn, a little framed 3D pumpkin and an owl. Some of my favorites. This is one of those pins I don’t check the link before I pin it, I just pin and hope it takes me to a wonderful site with easy directions. Well, it doesn’t, but it is one better. It takes me over to “I Heart Nap Time, inspiring naptime creativity“. Jackpot! This particular post is called “55+ Amazing Halloween Crafts“. UMMMMM OK, did I say JACKPOT!!!! I have just found a little bit of craft heaven! From this one post she has I have found 5 of this year’s Halloween crafts I am going to tackle, yes, I said 5!

GO BIG OR GO HOME is my motto when it comes to decorating! So I start my Halloween extravaganza with my 3D pumpkin frame. But like I said “Go Big or Go Home!” So no I don’t buy one frame, I buy one frame that consists of 9 smaller frames together and after following the directions from “Eighten25” I have a masterpiece. Ok, it’s no Monet, but a masterpiece non the less.

This craft is so easy AND I have decided that I can change out the inserts for every Holiday and cha-ching save some money down the road!

Here is my finished pumpkin art, I have gone with a spider theme this year so I added a few of those in there.

DSC_0094 DSC_0095


Paper: I opted to use some I already had in my supply so $0.

Frame: This was my big ticket item for this project $30. (Purchased at Hobby Lobby during a 50% of sale)

Spiders: Left over from another craft I am working on so $0.

Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby 40% off so they were $7.79.

Glue: In my stash = $0.

Total: $37.79

Ok, yes this is a lot for a Halloween decoration. But like I stated before, I can change out the inserts for other Holidays and when we aren’t celebrating a particular Holiday, I can put some photos in there. BAM! Technically the Halloween expense for this was $7.79. Do you like my logic? I do!


5 out of 5 little pins!


This little pin says; “I love me some 3D art” Why don’t you get yourself up and make one for a little corner of your home. You can use one frame, for you that might be going BIG! 🙂

Happy Halloween…stay tuned for the other creepy, or not so creepy, Halloween projects brewing around here!