Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming!

I love Halloween. I mean really love it. I love the decorations, the costumes, the parties, the trick or treating and mainly it just kicks off the holiday season! Oh, did I mention people just give out free candy! YUM!!!! Since I have a son, I decided I was going to decorate this year. Yeah he is only 10 months and won’t remember, but I needed an excuse!

So Pinterest here I come! My board “He did the monster mash” has so many fun projects for me to do. I’ve been working on them here and there and haven’t finished any until today! I am so excited to share this with everyone. I have this little pin that I love  with a glass jar of candy corn, a little framed 3D pumpkin and an owl. Some of my favorites. This is one of those pins I don’t check the link before I pin it, I just pin and hope it takes me to a wonderful site with easy directions. Well, it doesn’t, but it is one better. It takes me over to “I Heart Nap Time, inspiring naptime creativity“. Jackpot! This particular post is called “55+ Amazing Halloween Crafts“. UMMMMM OK, did I say JACKPOT!!!! I have just found a little bit of craft heaven! From this one post she has I have found 5 of this year’s Halloween crafts I am going to tackle, yes, I said 5!

GO BIG OR GO HOME is my motto when it comes to decorating! So I start my Halloween extravaganza with my 3D pumpkin frame. But like I said “Go Big or Go Home!” So no I don’t buy one frame, I buy one frame that consists of 9 smaller frames together and after following the directions from “Eighten25” I have a masterpiece. Ok, it’s no Monet, but a masterpiece non the less.

This craft is so easy AND I have decided that I can change out the inserts for every Holiday and cha-ching save some money down the road!

Here is my finished pumpkin art, I have gone with a spider theme this year so I added a few of those in there.

DSC_0094 DSC_0095


Paper: I opted to use some I already had in my supply so $0.

Frame: This was my big ticket item for this project $30. (Purchased at Hobby Lobby during a 50% of sale)

Spiders: Left over from another craft I am working on so $0.

Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby 40% off so they were $7.79.

Glue: In my stash = $0.

Total: $37.79

Ok, yes this is a lot for a Halloween decoration. But like I stated before, I can change out the inserts for other Holidays and when we aren’t celebrating a particular Holiday, I can put some photos in there. BAM! Technically the Halloween expense for this was $7.79. Do you like my logic? I do!


5 out of 5 little pins!


This little pin says; “I love me some 3D art” Why don’t you get yourself up and make one for a little corner of your home. You can use one frame, for you that might be going BIG! 🙂

Happy Halloween…stay tuned for the other creepy, or not so creepy, Halloween projects brewing around here!


You can paint a pumpkin…This little pin can!

I am so excited for Fall. Even though Fall for me here in Texas means temps have dropped to the oh so low 90’s. 🙂 But it is fall, officially it is fall!!!! Bring on the pumpkins! Pumpkins any way; pies, bread, cookies, cupcakes, my favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and yes in my décor. I love décor. If I had the means to change something in my house every month, I would. Today, which I need to add is still in September, I drug my husband and we went looking for a pumpkin patch in town with no luck! So what batter way to pay homage to fall and this fantastic little squash then to paint me up one for my mantle. Yippee Skippee is what I say, Yippee Skippee!

Pinned to my board “Fall” is this little pumpkin treasure to paint.

Jennifer Rizzo says I do not need art skills (which is what got me to pin it in the first place) for this….Yeah, I am in!

Gather supplies. Ok, confession, My house is a mini craft store. I own just about anything you can find on any isle in any craft store. Sewing; check, Yarn; check, Beads; check, cake supplies; check, paint; check, stamps; check, scrapbooking; check! So when I saw Jennifer’s supplies list of only 6 things which I happen to have I did a little happy dance, this project was going to be free for me! FREE! My husband likes free, I like free, who doesn’t like free! (see below for an est. cost to complete)


  • Since I am using supplies I already have I don’t quite have the colors she uses but I do have; Spa Blue, Dark Chocolate, Light Avocado. Close enough!

I don’t bother to read through all of the instructions she has, I just glance at the pictures and say “I CAN DO THIS!” and dive right in. Squirt some dollops, blend together. Easy enough. Hmm…ok well my dollops are a little bigger then hers, but I assume all that means is longer drying time, Just keep moving. Ok, next color, dollops, brush.

First Part Done! WHAT?!?! that was like 10 minutes with hardly any mess…


Oh no! What! I have to let it dry before moving on, I lack patience but ok it has to dry. HMMM how long is this going to take? So I write and….

Little man wants some snuggles … that is always a fun way to pass the time.

Snuggle Time

Ok it’s dry, only an hour, not bad. Nap time for little man and mommy gets to finish her masterpiece.
What is next? The PUMPKIN. A couple “C’s”, A couple more “C’s”. Paint, blend, paint blend. Dry…what, no that isn’t happening again. So I go on, Stem, blend.

Now she says to add more if you want…hmmm, well I blend a little more. I like her brown in the blue part, so I try wing this. Score! I just blended with my paper towel. AND…..


Not Bad!  I am a perfectionist but I am trying to go with the flow and not stress so much so I am going to stop.

Overall: I rate this 5 out of 5 pins!


Estimated Cost:

  • Brushes: $4 – 10.00
  • Canvas: $8 – 12.00
  • Paint: $4.50

Prices were taken from different websites, such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.

This little pin CAN do this and so can you!

It Begins!

So the challenge is on! Put those pins into action! Get yourself moving! Let your family reap the rewards of all that pinning! But where to start? 34 boards, 2307 pins, secret hidden boards, likes. Hmmm. So many choices, I mean I have in the past attempted some of the little treasures found though pinning. Like this lovely little swing for my little man Jameson. (YES! I made this)


Now to find that pin. What board did I put it on, hmmm. Well it’s for my little man so maybe we will try my board “Little Boy of Mine“. That makes since.

Nope….hmmm. “Outdoor Living“, wait “She’s Crafty“. NOOO I got it, “Sew, a needle pulling thread.” Jackpot! Sorry, it takes me a minute to figure out what my brain was thinking the day I pinned something! I think us new moms call that “Baby Brain!”

Thanks to One Sassy Housewife for this amazing project. Her instructions are easy to follow, her pricing is right on and just like her little man loves his swing, mine loves his.


Ok, back on track where to start? Fall is here, I mean you can get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from the coffee shop on every corner, running with the Fall theme AND pumpkins…Tune in tomorrow as I tackle : You can paint a pumpkin canvas, art skills not required!!! Step by step instructions!!!…. Pinned to my board “Fall“.