Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming!

I love Halloween. I mean really love it. I love the decorations, the costumes, the parties, the trick or treating and mainly it just kicks off the holiday season! Oh, did I mention people just give out free candy! YUM!!!! Since I have a son, I decided I was going to decorate this year. Yeah he is only 10 months and won’t remember, but I needed an excuse!

So Pinterest here I come! My board “He did the monster mash” has so many fun projects for me to do. I’ve been working on them here and there and haven’t finished any until today! I am so excited to share this with everyone. I have this little pin that I love  with a glass jar of candy corn, a little framed 3D pumpkin and an owl. Some of my favorites. This is one of those pins I don’t check the link before I pin it, I just pin and hope it takes me to a wonderful site with easy directions. Well, it doesn’t, but it is one better. It takes me over to “I Heart Nap Time, inspiring naptime creativity“. Jackpot! This particular post is called “55+ Amazing Halloween Crafts“. UMMMMM OK, did I say JACKPOT!!!! I have just found a little bit of craft heaven! From this one post she has I have found 5 of this year’s Halloween crafts I am going to tackle, yes, I said 5!

GO BIG OR GO HOME is my motto when it comes to decorating! So I start my Halloween extravaganza with my 3D pumpkin frame. But like I said “Go Big or Go Home!” So no I don’t buy one frame, I buy one frame that consists of 9 smaller frames together and after following the directions from “Eighten25” I have a masterpiece. Ok, it’s no Monet, but a masterpiece non the less.

This craft is so easy AND I have decided that I can change out the inserts for every Holiday and cha-ching save some money down the road!

Here is my finished pumpkin art, I have gone with a spider theme this year so I added a few of those in there.

DSC_0094 DSC_0095


Paper: I opted to use some I already had in my supply so $0.

Frame: This was my big ticket item for this project $30. (Purchased at Hobby Lobby during a 50% of sale)

Spiders: Left over from another craft I am working on so $0.

Pumpkins: Hobby Lobby 40% off so they were $7.79.

Glue: In my stash = $0.

Total: $37.79

Ok, yes this is a lot for a Halloween decoration. But like I stated before, I can change out the inserts for other Holidays and when we aren’t celebrating a particular Holiday, I can put some photos in there. BAM! Technically the Halloween expense for this was $7.79. Do you like my logic? I do!


5 out of 5 little pins!


This little pin says; “I love me some 3D art” Why don’t you get yourself up and make one for a little corner of your home. You can use one frame, for you that might be going BIG! 🙂

Happy Halloween…stay tuned for the other creepy, or not so creepy, Halloween projects brewing around here!


Zucchini…this little pin says “Yes please!”

All this pinning and not doing has made, not only my boards grow, but me! So to trim back down I have been working the WW thing. Doing good so far. I like the program because it is numbers and I choose what to use those numbers on. If I don’t have a system I end up eating healthy food but in abundance. 🙂 Say avocado, for example. I can eat an entire avocado in one sitting!!! How many points is that?!?!?!  I don’t even want to know. But I also can eat me some not so healthy stuff, and one of my favorites…CHEESE!!! So WW works for me, however pinning and WW do NOT go hand in hand. I have so many wonderful looking, tasty recipes just waiting for me to eat devour! Choosing something from my boards and being able to maintain my daily number is hard. But I found it, oh yes I found it.

Keeping it in the Squash family, I found a recipe for Parmesan Zucchini Rounds from Emily Bites! I decide to add this to my grocery list. But wait, oh no, I also have found another one on my board “The cook in me“; for Oven Backed Zucchini Chips from skinnyms.!!! And I was only about 1/4 of the way down my board of 427 pins. I know to stop when I am ahead and so I stopped looking. They both look great but I have a 10 month old and Emily’s seems to come out a little softer then Skinnyms.’s. So in order to share with my little man I go with Emily’s and add the cayenne pepper from Skinnyms.’s. Cayenne, yes cayenne even for my little man. It was such a small amount and we eat spicy food around here and he has to start off somewhere!



So you know when you go to grocery story and it is sample day, it seems like it is sample day EVERY day at my grocery store. The sweet lady was sampling Italian cheeses, OH my there goes my WW thing. I contain myself and she talks me into this lovely cheese that supposedly they use more then parmesan in Italy and I am sucker so I go with it. And oh yeah, the sample was great!

So this recipe is super easy! Cut veggies, dredge, coat, bake!


This was my sweet husband’s contribution: a lovely picture of my dirty hands!


All done…ready to go!


In they go! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!!! OH NO, that one little step…spray your rack with oil BEFORE placing the rounds on it was missed! BABY BRAIN!!!! I read it, like 4 times, and it just left me. BABY BRAIN!!!!

To late now…oh well they are in and I have to wait 30 minutes!

Writing time…

And I hear it, the beep, beep, beep of the oven. Score!

And by the way, I know everyone has noticed my nasty cookie sheet, don’t worry, I have a pin for that, and yes, I will be trying it soon.

Ok…one sweet shot of my little man before I taste.


And now….the deliciousness begins!


Even though I missed the spray step, they come right off the pan and OH my, these are FANTASTIC!!!! Just a little too spicy for little man, so I will have to adjust that the next time. But I have decided that I can eat the entire batch for dinner! The entire batch! Yes and stay within my daily points and yes, I get more for dinner then this!

WOW, I would definitely say this is worth it. I just may have to do this to some mushrooms, some onions, well any veggie!

This little pin says “GO EAT SOME ZUCCHINI!”

Rating: 5 out of 5 pins!