What? What? Cinnamon Roll Waffles?

I was out of town for a couple days. This cold or allergy thing hit me right in my face, so I have been out of it. I have worked on a couple of my pins but haven’t had the energy to finish any to blog about.

Tonight on a whim I decided I wanted needed these little waffles made from cinnamon rolls that I pinned like forever ago. I have a board “Captain Crunch is waiving farewell” where I pin wonderful breakfast delights just waiting to be whipped up and devoured. Just the thought of how my house would smell making this made my mouth water and made it onto my MUST try list fast. So tonight I had saved enough on my little diet this week to give them a try. What a treat to try during this amazing cold front we are having!

1st step – find pin. I mean I pinned this so long ago but obviously this could be found on my breakfast board. BUT what, it isn’t there. I mean, I have thought about chowing down on these things since I first saw them. What, I didn’t pin this! What?!?!?. Oh well, an easy search and boom, like 100 results come back with this gem. I guess I wasn’t the only one that thought this would be AMAZING!

My husband is so confused about this. I have explained it to him, but he just doesn’t get it. But he says he will trust me. All the pins I find say about the same thing. Place on medium high and cook for 3 – 4 minutes. Easy enough.

Easy and fast!


My man and I dig in! What?!??! Is it a waffle? Is it a Cinnamon roll? No it’s a SUPER CRUNCHY Waffle Roll! And not in a good way. My husband said “it tastes like a really crunchy cinnamon roll!?!” I tried it with the frosting, with syrup, with whip cream, and nothing made this better! Such a sad time on my happy little cold front night. Such a sad night. 😦

Maybe you like really hard cinnamon rolls or really hard waffles at that. We do not.

This little pin says put the others in the oven and have some real cinnamon rolls or make some waffle batter and add cinnamon!

Rating: 1 pin out of 5