It Begins!

So the challenge is on! Put those pins into action! Get yourself moving! Let your family reap the rewards of all that pinning! But where to start? 34 boards, 2307 pins, secret hidden boards, likes. Hmmm. So many choices, I mean I have in the past attempted some of the little treasures found though pinning. Like this lovely little swing for my little man Jameson. (YES! I made this)


Now to find that pin. What board did I put it on, hmmm. Well it’s for my little man so maybe we will try my board “Little Boy of Mine“. That makes since.

Nope….hmmm. “Outdoor Living“, wait “She’s Crafty“. NOOO I got it, “Sew, a needle pulling thread.” Jackpot! Sorry, it takes me a minute to figure out what my brain was thinking the day I pinned something! I think us new moms call that “Baby Brain!”

Thanks to One Sassy Housewife for this amazing project. Her instructions are easy to follow, her pricing is right on and just like her little man loves his swing, mine loves his.

Ok, back on track where to start? Fall is here, I mean you can get a Pumpkin Spice Latte from the coffee shop on every corner, running with the Fall theme AND pumpkins…Tune in tomorrow as I tackle : You can paint a pumpkin canvas, art skills not required!!! Step by step instructions!!!…. Pinned to my board “Fall“.