As a new stay at home mom who was nursing, I found it easy to get into the pin game. You know what I am talking about, pin this, pin  that, oh and pin this too. My conversations with my friends had to do  with this pin or that pin. I learned more about my friends watching  their pins than I did having conversations with them. (So sad). I felt  like a living, walking, talking pin. My pins are now at 2,307 (Ok maybe  not a ginormous number) on about 34 boards.  (That doesn’t include my  hidden boards, you know you have them!) What do I have to show for all  this hard work pinning, nothing! My husband even said, you  are on that so much I think I am going to try it…HaHaHa, not something he would enjoy.

So what now, what do I do with these pins that I have? They just sit  there; I just sit here, my pins grow, as do my thighs! I say NO MORE,! NO MORE PINS!

OK, OK, OK, calm down, not really! But no more pins  without action. Let’s get something out of all this madness, like an  actual MEAL! (or at least the main dish!) Or how about something my son  can actually use, because according to my boards, I am the perfect  mother, cook, crafter, shopper!

So I have challenged myself. One pin at a time….

What can “This little pin” do?


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